KBI 310985 New Feature: Additions To Argent Reports SLA Downtime Tables


Argent Reports 3.0A-1407-A or above


Tuesday, 24 June 2014


New features in the SLA Downtime Tables of Argent Reports:

Group By Monitoring Group or Location

Customers can now have the SLA summary represent an entire Monitoring Group, or location

Values are calculated by taking the sum of the total downtime in the group, against the sum of the total time in the specified report time range

Include SLA Management Details Page

Allows customers to control whether or not the ‘details‘ of each SLA outage for each Node should be included

SLA Status Bars

The ‘Status‘ column now appears in the summary page, visualizing the downtime and uptime percentage differences

(The summary is sorted by Downtime % descending)

The ‘Count‘ column appears when the ‘Group By‘ option is selected

SLA Weekend and Business Hours Inclusion/Exclusion

SLA Downtime reports now support the ‘Exclude Weekend‘ and ‘Include Time Range‘ options

SLA ‘Detected Up’ Representation

Outage periods that occurred prior to the time range will be shown as ‘Before Report Period

Outage periods that are still down as of the last data point in the time range will be shown as ‘Still Down

This prevents the report from misleading readers into thinking the Node went down or up at the start or end of the Report Period

Technical Background



Upgrade to Argent Reports 3.0A-1407-A or above