How Do I Stop ALC_ArcEvtLog Table Growing?

This Argent database table contains the information the Argent Data Consolidator gathers from your servers by default. The more you consolidate the larger this table will grow.

Depending on your requirements for keeping this data, you can regularly delete records from this table using a SQL script based on the EVENT_TIME column.

Alternatively you can transfer historical records and tables to a secondary database, either on the same or different server. This option keeps your main Argent database manageable.

For example, your main Argent database contains data for the past six months whereas the archive database contains everything for the past 10 years. Argent can use BOTH backend databases to generate reports.

You use the Argent Data Consolidator to consolidate 120 gigabytes per day from a total of 300 servers — 400 megabytes per day per server; the product does scale well…

And it shows you have to plan ahead for disk space usage.