Can I Use Argent As A Framework?


Argent can be used as a framework solution as well as a point solution.

But first let’s define some terms.

Point Solution

A point solution typically means monitoring a part of the enterprise, such as all Windows servers, or all SNMP network devices, or all Linux machines, etc.

There are three leading point solutions: Argent, MOM, and BMC.


A framework solution is also sometimes referred to as a backbone. Traditionally framework or backbone solutions don’t actually do the monitoring, rather they rely on a number of point solutions to do the monitoring of the various parts of the enterprise.

The leading framework solutions are Argent, IBM’s Tivoli, CA’s TNG, and HP OpenView (or whatever that is being replaced by).

Argent can perform point solution monitoring for Windows, Unix, Linux and SNMP.

Alternatively, Argent can just collect the events from the various point solutions and perform the alerting, in this case Argent acts as framework or backbone.

With the Argent Console, all events and alerts can be centralized on a single console.

And the Argent Console is also fully web-enabled.