What Are Master Catalog Objects?

Objects are a different kettle of fish to servers and devices. Just to review: a ‘server’ is a named server or machine – a computer in the traditional sense, such as W2003, Solaris, Linux, etc; a ‘device’ is a network device accessed by an IP address – a hub, router, switch, network printer.

Now you will say, but some of my servers are accessed using an IP address and not a name, so they are then ‘devices’? Technically this is true, but in Argent speak servers are traditional computers, and devices are the less-visible infrastructure components of the network. Alternatively, you can say devices exist to let us get to servers.

Talk about a long-winded answer…


Objects are logical network elements – sure that is as clear as mud.

Here are some examples that will be a little more enlightening.

Some types of Argent Objects are:

  • FTP sites
  • URLs for Web sites
  • IP addresses for Intranet apps
  • Internet Email Accounts

So Objects are logical entities as opposed to the hardware of servers and devices.