How Does The Argent Alert Executor Work?

The Argent Alert Executor is used to send Alerts from another Argent AT console

Alerts are picked up from the MAIN Argent Console, and fired at the Remote Argent Alert Executor, the communication is via the Argent Console TCP Port 3079

The basis architecture is shown below

This is achieved by using the Argent Alert Executor and configuring Relator’s on the MAIN Argent Console to send the alert to the Node Specific Executor


On The Remote Argent Alert Console Server

1. Install the Argent Alert Executor – Run ‘SETUP.EXE’ from Argent AT Install

Choose Argent Console, then Argent Alert Executor And Backup Console – Install – Load License Key

On the server an Argent Alert Executor service is installed and running

On the Argent server there would be entries under C:\ARGENT\ArgentConsole\Executor

2. Configure the Executor to Use Email Alert – Selection of an Argent Alert Executor in a Relator