How Do I Configure The SSH Relay Agent?

Argent AT

To use the SSH Relay Agent in Argent AT, visit the License Manager and right-click on the server to configure an SSH Relay Agent for.

Note: The SSH Relay Agent should be installed on the Linux/Unix machine, and communication from the Argent Main Engine or Motors to port 3062 on the SSH Relay Agent should be allowed prior to configuring the Windows side

  1. Select ‘SSH’ as the Communication option
  2. Fill in the appropriate Logon and Password
  3. Specify one or more SSH Relay Agents, delimited by a comma in the ‘Relay Agents’ option

    Note: The listening port 3062 for the SSH Relay Agent is controlled by the configuration file on the SSH Relay Agent.

    If an SSH Relay Agent has been configured to use a different port, it can be specified here as:

    RELAY_NODE1:nnn1, RELAY_NODE2:nnn2, RELAY_NODE3:nnn3 etc.

    The nnn1, nnn2, nnn3 etc are the ports used by each SSH Relay Agent. If not specified, it is assumed as 3062.

Argent XT (Superseded)

To use the SSH Relay Agent in Argent XT, the Argent Guardian is first configured to communicate with the monitored servers using SSH, and then the Argent Guardian Monitoring Engine is configured.

To configure the Argent Guardian to monitor servers using SSH, open the Argent Guardian, and select the Administration icon. Select License Manager in the center tree view, then Licensed Servers at the bottom of the right-hand pane.

Select the desired Unix server from the list of Licensed Servers/Devices, then right-click and choose Properties. Click the Unix Server Settings button.

Choose Use SSH And SCP To Run Scripts, and enter the Unix account name in the Logon field. Enter something in the Password field. This does not need to be the actual password, since it’s not used, but the field must have something entered in it.”

Click OK, then click OK again to return to License Manager.

Repeat these steps for all Unix servers to be monitored in this manner.

When finished, right-click and choose Save to save the settings.

To configure the Argent Guardian Monitoring Engine to use the SSH Relay Agent, open Registry Editor and browse to:



Edit SSH_RELAY_HOST to enter the names of the SSH Relay Agent hosts. If multiple SSH Relay Agent hosts are to be used for failover, separate each name with a comma.

If the SSH Relay Host has been configured to listen on a different port, edit SSH_RELAY_PORT. The default port is 3062.

Restart the Argent Guardian – Monitor Engine service. Also, close and reopen the GUI.

Remember to test the Relators that use the SSH Relay Agent prior to putting the Relators into production to ensure they function correctly.