How Do I Apply A Security Setting To A Monitoring Group?

You use the Security Manager

They can also do it in Monitoring Group definition screen as well

Monitoring Group Security Setting

This option provides the ability to configure security settings for all the servers/devices in the selected Monitoring Group

When the Monitoring Group Security Setting button is clicked, it will activate Apply Security Policy To The Monitoring Group window

System Administrator

This non-editable field will display the name of the system administrator

Default Node Policy

This non-editable field will display the default node settings of the system

User Rights

This field will display the rights assigned to the user by the system administrator

It can be changed using the drop down

The options are: Allow All, Deny All or View Only

User Groups

This field can be used to enter the names of user groups

Multiple entries are allowed here

Each name has to be separated using commas

Alternatively, the user groups can be selected using the browse button

It will activate Select A Domain Or Local User

Here, the node has to be selected first using the drop down

Once the selection is completed, the entire user names in that particular node will be listed

From the available list, the required users can be selected

Then, press OK to save the selection or Cancel to exit

Test User Against The Security Setting

This option provides the ability to test a particular user against the current security setting

After selecting users from Select A Domain Or Local User screen, click this option to view the privileges of the selected user

It will activate Test Security Requirement window

Here, details like User Name, Domain and Password have to be provided

Alternatively, one could use the current logon account by placing a tick on the Use Current Logon Account checkbox

Click OK to view the result of security testing for the user

The Result of testing security requirement is displayed below