Benefits Of Argent Defender

  1. Web and intranet sites using latest technologies, including ASP.NET, PHP, AJAX, cookies, etc, can all be monitored
  2. Web and intranet sites are recorded within the true IE session with full support of JScript, ActiveX and Java Applet etc
  3. Users can record a lengthy or complicated web session in as many recording sessions as he wants

    He can pick up from exactly where he leaves in last recording session

  4. User can verify the sessions recorded so far step by step, and resume recording from any preferred point
  5. User has full range of Argent Defender keywords to further enhance the recorded RTP Session, such as recording performance data for specific script blocks, checking existence of specific keywords on the web page, parsing the XML data etc
  6. User has full range of built-in reports for data mining
  7. User has a built-in Argent Console Engine for event and alert handling
  8. User can construct flexible infrastructure using distributed agents to monitor from different geographical location or do the load testing

Argent Defender Programming Secrets