KBI 220631 Real Time Feature Shows Extraneous SQL Server Option


Argent Exchange Monitor 8.0A-0701


26 February 2007


After installing Argent Exchange Monitor 8.0A-0701, the new Real Time feature shows two Data Source options: Performance Counter and SQL Server.

Technical Background

Beginning in version 8.0A-0701, Argent Exchange Monitor includes a Real Time feature similar to that in Argent SQL Monitor, Argent Monitor for Oracle, and Argent SNMP Monitor. This feature enables Customers to graphically display data, acting as a single Argent Dashboard within the monitoring product.

If the Customer right-clicks on the right-hand pane of the Real Time screen, the items shown can be customized. However, in version 8.0A-0701, the Data Source field includes an extra option: SQL Server. (There currently is no option other than Performance Counters for real-time Exchange monitoring.)


To remove the SQL Server option, browse to the Argent Exchange Monitor home directory


and edit the realtime.xml file.

Change the line that begins with HAMILTON EXTENSIONS from this:

<HAMILTON EXTENSIONS = "Performance Counter:PDH,SQL Server:DashboardSQLExt.SqlServer">

to this:

<HAMILTON EXTENSIONS = "Performance Counter:PDH">

Once the GUI is reopened, the option will not appear.