KBI 310100 DB Check Error During Upgrade


Argent SNMP Monitor 8.0A-0707


23 Aug 2007


During the upgrade of the Argent SNMP Monitor when the DB Check runs, you may receive a pop up message stating

Structural Database Errors Have Been Detected.Contact Argent Support.

Upon acknowledging the pop up, you find the DB Check picked up a value conflict.

Technical Background

During the upgrade process, the SQL upgrade script may not update all columns.

As such, the ASR_SNMPTRAPMONITOR will show column SET_AS_ANSWERED is set to a BIT value when it should be an INT value.


To resolve this issue take the following steps:

  1. Stop the Argent SNMP Monitor – Supervising Engine service
  2. Open SQL and access Design View for the offending table (ASR_SNMPTRAPMONITOR)
  3. Change the value for the column (SET_AS_ANSWERED) from BIT to INT and save your changes.

    NOTE – Once you select INT,

    the Length value will change to 4. Accept the default.

  4. Manually run ASR_DBCHECK.EXE from the drive where the Argent is installed. Path will be


  5. Verify no errors occur.
  6. Restart the Argent SNMP Monitor – Supervising Engine service