KBI 310104 The Argent SQL Monitor With Non Default SQL Instances


Argent SQL Monitor 8.0A-0707-D


29 Nov 2007


The Argent SQL Monitor With Non Default SQL Instances

Technical Background

The Argent SQL Monitor can be used to monitor SQL Server databases of the default instance, as well as SQL Servers of a named instance.

If selection of the instance is performed at the Rule level, then a different Rule is needed for every instance being monitored.

This duplication is needed for each Rule type (availability, Database space, Transaction Log space, Concurrent users, etc).

The result can become difficult to manage: four Rules across six different SQL Server instances is then 24 Rules.


The SQL Server instance can be specified as a property of the server in the Master Catalog. This allows a single Rule (with no instance specified) to be used across many SQL Servers with different SQL Server instances.

Add the server to the Master Catalog by hostname, adding a backslash then the SQL Server instance name, as follows:

Navigate to the License Manager and license it for both the Argent SQL Monitor and the Argent Predictor:

The Argent Guardian and the Argent Data Consolidator rules should run against Master Catalog entry of the base host name. The Argent SQL Monitor rules should then run against the instance-specific entry.