KBI 310108 Installer Error Unmatched Field Length For Column Ruletype


Argent Console 8.0A-0707-D


5 Sep 2007


When upgrading from 8.0A-0707_C to 8.0A-0707_D the installer may report an error during the Database Integrity Check:

— ERROR — Unmatched field length for column ‘ruletype’ (16 vs. 32 bytes)

This does not appear to affect the further operations of the installer, nor impede the customer’s ability to launch the Argent Management Console.

Technical Background



To resolve this issue, open the Argent Management Console and select Tools->Database Integrity Checker->Argent Console.

Click on the “Load SQL Script” button and select “upgrade_mssql_0701-0704.sql“.

Click on the Run Script button. If any errors are produced, select Yes button to continue execution of Script until you see “Script is executed successfully“.

Click the Start button to re-run the Database Integrity Check to confirm table structure is correct.