KBI 310116 Argent Defender Failed To Register craxdrt9.dll




9 Sep 2008


This KBI explains what to do if you receive the following error message while installing Argent Defender:

     Failed To Register craxdrt9.dll

Technical Background

The craxdrt9.dll file is required for Argent Defender’s Crystal Reports to appear.

This DLL is dependent on the existence of another Crystal Reports DLL known as keycode.dll.

Sometimes, keycode.dll does not register properly during install, which in turn causes craxdrt9.dll to fail to register.


Run cmd to access the command prompt, then type the following commands:

  • cd \Argent\Defender9
  • regsvr32 keycode.dll
  • regsvr32 craxdrt9.dll

In both cases, you should see a dialog box appear saying:

     DllRegisterServer in XXXXX.dll succeeded.