KBI 310119 PSCP.EXE Has Encountered A Problem And Needs To Close…


Argent Extended Technology (All Versions)


17 Sep 2008


UNIX/Linux node successfully passes the “Test UNIX Connection” in the license manger.

However, when they attempt to run any script on that node from Argent they see the following windows error:

Technical Background

Argent uses cached host keys to test the connection to the UNIX server.

Additionally though Argent needs a valid account on the node to login into the node with.


Because Argent has cached the Host Key the “Test UNIX Connection” test will work.

However, if the account used to cache the host keys is no longer valid PSCP.exe will crash giving you the error shown above.

The account could be invalid because it has expired, deleted, or changed in some way.

To resolve this issue correct the problem that is preventing this account from being used by Argent.