KBI 310145 ODBC Error String Or Binary Data Would Be Truncated


Argent Job Scheduler 4.6A-0601-T3 or greater


12 Feb 2009


The Argent Job Scheduler Control Panel graphical user interface (GUI) will not show that a job has properly completed, but the Argent Job Scheduler Queue Engine log file shows that the job completed successfully.

Technical Background

The Argent Job Scheduler database contains a table called AJS_JOB.

This table contains a column called “run_on_server” which by default is limited to 16 characters.

If you have an Argent Queue Engine whose fully qualified name is longer than 16 characters (QA_My_QueueEngine.QA), you will a message similar to the one shown below in the Argent Job Scheduler’s SVC_LOG.txt file:

Could not execute SQL query:

Update TAJS_JOB set status=1, run_on_server=’QA_My_QueueEngine.QA’, run_on_queue=’QA_TEST’, jobnumber=45, api_failure_time=null, run_job_after={ts ‘2009-01-22 09:43:31’}, modify_time={ts ‘2009-01-22 09:43:31’} where pckey=6000

(ODBC Error: String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated.)


Perform the following steps as needed to increase the size of the “run_on_server” column:

1. Access the Argent Job Scheduler database using SQL Enterprise Manager and perform a full backup of the Argent Job Scheduler database.

2. In the “Tables” section of SQL Enterprise Manager, access the AJS_JOB table. (Not AJS_JOBS) as shown below:

3. Right-click the AJS_JOB table and then select the Design Table option as shown below:

4. In the design table view, scroll down as needed to select the “run_on_server” column from the top pane as shown below:

5. You will see a column with the heading of “length” at the top, change this from 16 to 32.

6. Close the Design View and answer the resulting prompt “Yes” as shown below:

7. Exit SQL Enterprise Manager as needed.

Note: The above change should take effect right away.

8. Confirm that the main Argent Job Scheduler Control Panel GUI displays the correct status and that the SVC_LOG.txt file no longer has the previous error messages.