KBI 310147 Anti-virus Software Exclusions




4 Mar 2009


Anti-virus software exists to protect you from viruses. They interrupt every call to disk or memory and see if anything bad is happening… that is a good thing because it makes your machine safer, it is a bad thing because some things do not need to be scanned.

Because Argent logs every operation performed by the service, needless CPU resources are spent scanning these logs every time Argent writes to them.

Technical Background



Most Anti-Virus software offer a display of the last file scanned by real-time Anti-virus scanning. You can check this to see if Argent’s log files are constantly being scanned.

Anti-virus software differs in how they allow exclusions, some do processes, some file extensions, some directories. Argent recommends setting an exclusion for real-time scanning on the following directory and sub-directories. This setting should not affect full system anti-virus scans performed on a periodic basis.


Customers experiencing slow performance on the machine that Argent is installed on should definitely look at excluding virus scanning as one of the first steps.

Some customers may have multiple virus or spyware scanners — this compounds the issue. Excluding Argent’s folders from virus scanning typically resolves any “slowdowns” after installing Argent.