KBI 310192 Excessive Correction Alerts Will Be Fired When Event Is Not Set To Resolved/Answered Status


Argent Advanced Technology 2.0A-1007-B and below


23 Jul 2010


Excessive Correction Alerts will be fired when event is not set to Resolved/Answered status

Technical Background

When configuring a Relator to send Correction Alerts in the Relator Recheck Settings, Alert definitions can be specified in the “If Rule Is No Longer Broken, Then” options.

When Alert definitions are set without setting the options for “Set Event In The Argent Console As (Answered/Resolved)” and/or “Stop Rule Recheck After Alert Has Been Fired for…”, a continuous stream of Correction Alerts will be sent by the Argent Console.

No issues will be encountered if any one of the below options is checked.

Screenshot below:


This has been identified as an issue and has been addressed in 2.0A-1007-T1 onwards.

  • Stop Argent Console service.

  • Delete the escalation row in ARGSOFT_AAC_ESCALATE table. (Changes to the backend database should be done with extreme care. Please contact Argent Support who can assist you with this)

  • Restart service.