KBI 310224 Database Integrity Issue During Argent AT Upgrade From Older Release


Argent Advanced Technology All Versions


23 Sep 2010


An issue occurred after upgrading Argent AT Argent for Exchange

2.0A-1001 to Argent AT 2.0A-1010.

After the upgrade, it was showing database integrity failures where Argent could no longer read many of the SQL tables.

Technical Background

The upgrade process re-named a lot of the SQL tables, but after the upgrade the front-end executables were still trying to read the old SQL table names.

For example, the database integrity check would show the following details for various SQL tables:

AAC_CONSOLE => FAILED => Table is missing

This was occurring because the new table name is ARGSOFT_AAC_CONSOLE, but the executables were still trying to access the tables by the old name of AAC_CONSOLE.


The issue was addressed by re-installing Argent into a new SQL database, shutting down the Argent services, editing the SQL_DATABASE and SQL_SERVER registry fields to point back to the original SQL database, and then re-starting the Argent services.