KBI 310267 Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 SP3 Patch Causing Issues


Argent Extended Technology 8.0A-1101-A


27 Oct 2011


In one environment, Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 SP3 was updated and KB2596520 (OUTFLTR) was applied to the Argent Main Engine, after Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday

Following the Microsoft patch, the Argent Main Engine started experiencing issues

Technical Background

The environment consisted of a Argent Mother/Daughter architecture:


Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 SP3 (Physical Server)

Daughter one:  Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 SP3 (Virtual Server)

Daughter two:  Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Standard (Physical Server)

Issue One:

Although the patch itself is irrelevant to Argent and it’s function, it somehow been causing AAC_MAIN_ENGINE.EXE and ARGSOFT_AACMAIN.EXE to crash when pointing to MSMAPI32.DLL.

Below is a screenshot of the application error the customer received when rebooting after applying the patch. This error keeps popping up on the main engine

After the issue was identified, customer uninstalled the patch (which requires the Microsoft Outlook 2003 CD!), however the pop-up referencing to memory still appears.

The following events in the event viewer are also associated with the issue that the Microsoft patch introduced

There application events gets written to the Windows Event Logs:

Issue Two:

At the same time Argent Daughter Engines stopped updating the Argent Mother

Upon investigation, found out that Argent Daughters can no longer communicate to the Mother via TCP port 3191

Further investigation revealed that the Argent Mother had stopped listening on Port 3191

It was found that one of the Daughters apparently is set to use IPv6, which after reverting to IPv4 and rebooting both Argent Mother and Argent Daughter Engines, the traffic started flowing (Telnet on TCP port 3191 from DE to ME now worked)


Although very persistent and requiring original media, uninstalling KB2596520 and rebooting servers Argent Mother (Microsoft Requirement) and

Daughters seem to rectify the issue