KBI 310286 TCP IP Devices Not Appearing In License Manager


Argent Advanced Technology – All Versions


15 Dec 2011


Customers will notice that certain node types cannot be added to the license manager in certain Argent Advanced Technology products.

An example is not being able to see TCP/IP nodes from within Argent for VMware’s License Manager.

Technical Background

This behavior is by design.

For enhanced flexibility, all Argent AT products use the same Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to track servers and network nodes. While all nodes in the CMDB may be seen from each Argent AT product, they will only monitor the node types they are designed to monitor. Thus, as in the above example, Argent for VMware is not designed to apply licenses for TCP/IP devices and other node types it does not monitor.

This holds true for other Argent AT products. Licenses can only be applied for the specific node types monitored by a product.