KBI 310309 Argent AT-Could Not Process WR File


Argent AT – ALL versions


8 May 2012


In some cases, you may see entries in the log of an Argent AT Trusted Agent saying that Argent could not process the WR file:

L3800_MonitorTask: Could not process WR file ‘d:\Argent\ArgentForExchange\WO\trusted-agent-server-01\0\{81256478-87a7-463d-847e-d9c74e0168ef}_000001.WR’

Technical Background

WR files contain the configuration for Trusted Agents, and are downloaded regularly.

Occasionally, the agent will try to download the file at the same time that the Main Engine is currently writing to it. In this event, you will see this entry in the log.

In a busy system, these messages are to be expected.


Unless this happens continuously, this entry is not an issue, as the Trusted Agent will simply download the file on its next cycle.