KBI 310323 iSeries Queue Engines: Excessive JSAWORK Log Files


Argent Job Scheduler – 10.0G-1210-A and higher


30 Oct 2012


When connecting to an iSeries Queue Engine from the Argent Job Scheduler GUI, the iSeries Queue Engine logs are generating a repeated exception error, and many JSAWORK job log files are being generated in the QEZJOBLOG iSeries Queue.

Technical Background

Jobs are able to be submitted and run OK on the iSeries Queue Engine, but it is generating a lot of these exception messages and JSAWORK job logs.

The iSeries logs generate the following repeated exception message:

02 OCT 2012 15:25:12.454 AS400T SG WORKER 465 *** CATASTROPHIC INTERNAL ERROR ***

02 OCT 2012 15:25:12.462 AS400T SG WORKER 465

02 OCT 2012 15:25:12.462 AS400T SG WORKER 465

02 OCT 2012 15:25:12.465 AS400T SG WORKER 465 Program WORKER received error code 3426 <A connection with a remote socket was reset by that socket.> at statement 463 while attempting to complete a recv() operation.


This has been resolved in the 10.0G-1210-G release.