KBI 310522 How To Migrate The Argent Reports Database To A New Server


Argent Reports 1501-D or above


Wednesday, 17 Dec 2014


Customers migrating the Argent Reports database to a new server need a way to tell Argent Reports about the change.

Argent Reports stores the ODBC connection string as encrypted data in the ARGSOFT_CONFIGURATION.XML file.

The Argent Reports Configuration Tool currently only supports changing the Argent AT configuration details.

To change the Argent Reports database pointer, Argent Reports 1501-D adds a new XML feature:


This new XML node can be added below the existing ARGENT_REPORTS_ODBC_STRING XML node, but with the ODBC string in plain-text.

Technical Background

Updating Argent Reports

1. Backup, then edit {Drive:}\Argent\ArgentReports\XML\ARGSOFT_CONFIGURATION.XML

2. Add the following XML entry below the ARGENT_REPORTS_ODBC_STRING XML entry, replacing ‘MY_SERVER’ and ‘ARGENT_REPORTS’ with the relevant information:


3. Launch Argent Reports

4. If successful, the LOG file should show these log entries:



String………………. ‘Driver={SQL Server};Server=ARGENT-MC2;Database=ARGENT_REPORTS;’

Updating the Argent Reports Scheduling Service

In the {Drive:}\Argent\ArgentReports folder, there is a subfolder called Scheduler, and a subfolder within it called CONTROL

Inside there is a file called COMMON_DATABASE_INPUT.TXT

The Scheduler Service does NOT read off the XML, it uses this private database configuration file instead

1. Stop the Argent Reports Scheduling Service and ensure the ARGSOFT_ARGENT_REPORTS_CDP* process is killed.

2. Modify the COMMON_DATABASE_INPUT.TXT file for the [DATABASE_SERVER_NAME] and [DATABASE] to match the new changes

3. Save the changes

4. Start the Argent Reports Scheduling Service service.


Argent is working on a more intuitive point-and-click method to migrate the Argent Reports database.