KBI 310680 When Installing Argent Global Manager Argent Advanced Technology Is Not Detected


All versions of Argent Global Manager 1308-A or below


Thursday, 26 Sep 2013


When trying to install Argent Global Manager, the Agent Setup program does not detect the baseline Argent Advanced Technology

Technical Background

For Argent Advanced Technology, the Argent DB Lock and CRC Manager are optional

But the Argent Global Manager always requires Argent DB Lock and CRC Manager to display Argent Advanced Technology

In 1308-A and below the Argent Global Manager Setup program wrongly would continue the installation even when the required Argent DB Lock and CRC Manager were not installed

This has been addressed in Argent Global Manager 1310-A


Upgrade to Argent Global Manager 1310-A and later

For earlier versions, the Argent DB Lock and CRC Manager can be manually installed using the Advanced Features of the Argent AT Setup program, then the Argent Global Manager can be installed