KBI 310705 Unable To Parse Log, Date Format Not Working, Records Skipped


Argent for Compliance 3.1A-1308-A or below


Tuesday, 15 Oct 2013


If there is no leading zero and white space between date and time varies from 1 to 2, The Time column is not extracted properly


As a work around, the Date/Time format should account for that and should be: dd/MM/yyyy??H:mm:ss.nn

Log Parsing Spec

Delimiter = " "

IgnoreDuplicateDelimiter = No

CompareField = "Description"

Field("Description") = (0, 0)

Field("Time")        = (1, 1)

Technical Background

In File Log rule, white space is not calculated by the Date and Time variables and time column be empty

New time format keywords ‘#h‘ and ‘#H‘ are implemented in version 3.1A-1310-A to handle hour with the leading space


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1310-A or later