KBI 310835 Argent Defender Report Truncated


Argent Defender – all versions


Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014


Not all of a report is generated; for some reports the report can be empty

In one case, an Argent Defender report that should have been 91 pages long only have a single page generated

This situation can occur if the VBscript in Argent Defender does not have sufficient time to execute

This is especially common when the VBscript downloads a large file that can take minutes to be downloaded

Technical Background

The recorded session definition in Argent Defender has a Wait value between each step

Typically 5 seconds is sufficient between each action on the page

However, in some cases a website takes longer than 5 seconds to process an action on the page

Adjusting to higher Wait value is required


Increase Wait value from 5 to 60 (or higher)

Alternatively, run report manually and time in seconds, then the Wait value can be calculated

If an error continues to occur on a page, keep adjusting the value higher and running the script until there are no errors when file is open