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Tuesday, 25 Feb 2014


Guide for installing Argent for Topology

Technical Background

Argent for Topology is installed using a standard Argent Setup program

Installation takes about four minutes

First download and unzip the Argent for Topology zip file; then double-click SETUP.exe

There are mainly three components in the installation zip file:

  • Argent for Topology Core Component
  • Argent for Topology Web Component
  • Argent for Topology Agent

Step 1: Read, Review And Accept The Software License Agreement

Then click Next

Step 2: Complete The Basic C2 Screen

Then click Next

Step 3: Confirm All The Prerequisites Are Present

This screen is shown only when Argent for Topology Web Component is being installed

Then click Next

Step 4: Complete The Configuration C5 Screen

Then click Next

Installation Path

This is the path where the product will be installed; default path is displayed

Service Logon Account

This is the user name with domain name to run the product; the default current user and domain is displayed

Service Logon Password

This is the password of ‘Service Logon Account‘ to run the product

NetFlow UDP Port

This is the UDP Port of the NetFlow Router used by the product; the default UDP Port is displayed

Website to Install

This is the website name used to run the Web Component; the default website name is displayed

Database Server Name

This is the database server where the database (next field) is located

Database Name

This the name of the database used by the product

If an existing database is used, the database credentials must be specified

Create Database

This is the alternative for using an existing database – a new database can be created by the Setup program;

Do the following:

  • Enter the database name in ‘Database Name‘ field
  • Click ‘Create Database‘ button

Trusted Connection

Check ‘Trusted Connection‘ to use Windows Authentication to connect to database

This is the Argent recommended option

To use SQL Server Authentication, uncheck ‘Trusted Connection‘ and specify the explicit database user name and password:

Database User Name

Specify the database user’s name


Enter the database password

After the C5 screen is completed, the product is installed and the following screen will be displayed

Argent for Topology Agent

A patent-pending technology is used and enables Argent for Topology to list the actual Windows computer and user name, not simply the crude raw IP address

A web page is used to collect the Argent for Topology information when a new user logs onto the remote client Windows computer

This agent will be prepared at the time of installation of Argent for Topology Web Component as an MSI installer and will be kept for use in the folder

<HOME_PATH>\ARGENT\ArgentForTopology\ARGENT_FOR_TOPOLOGY_WEB\ARGENT_FOR_TOPOLOGY_AGENT_INSTALLER where <HOME_PATH> will be the path you have chosen to install Argent for Topology Web Component

A detailed document on how to install Argent for Topology Agent across a network is provided separately in the WORD_FILES folder in the installation package



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