KBI 310898 Failed To Manually Export Mother Control Information When Logon As Normal User


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Thursday, 27 Mar 2014


Argent AT has the ability to export the Master Control Information for Daughter Engines to pick up the latest control information

But ONLY product Administrator can export Mother Control Information

This will immediately limit the ability of non-product-administrator users from inappropriately accessing the Argent AT interface and associated settings

When a User with no appropriate privileges tries to Export Mother Control Information, the User will be prompted with the following message

Technical Background

In order to add users or user groups as product administrator, customer can do following:

  1. Select Security which is available under Administration Folder

  2. Click browser button to add a user account or user group
  3. Enter user or user group that custom allows exporting Master Control Information

  4. Now this user or user group will be able to export Master Control Information


Add end-user or appropriate security group to System Administrator of product