KBI 310901 Stopping Or Starting All Argent Services


Argent Advanced Technology – All versions


Monday, 7 Apr 2014

Friday, 20 July 2018: Updated to include following product services in Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-1807-A version

  • Argent for AWS
  • Argent for Java
  • Argent for MySQL
  • Argent for Storage
  • Argent for Sybase
  • Argent for XenApp
  • Argent Service List Provider


The two simple cmd files in this article enable customers to quickly and easily stop or start all Argent services

Download Start All Services Tool

Download Stop All Services Tool

As the two files are cmd files it is easy to customize them for a specific customer’s needs

Technical Background



Download both cmd files and remove the suffix used to defeat spam checkers, etc