KBI 310902 Rollover Of A Job Does Not Occur When Previous Instance Is Still Running


Argent Job Scheduler all versions


Tuesday, 8 Apr 2014


Argent Job Scheduler would not consider a Job for Rollover if the previous instance of the Job is still running

Technical Background

Sometimes there could be a situation where a scheduled Job could not complete as expected and may extend its running to the next one or more days

In such a situation, at the next day’s Rollover, the Job may not start, as it finds that another instance of the Job in a running state

This happens if the option ‘Only one Job instance being executed at any time‘ in the Job Advanced Screen (J20E) is checked

For example, a Job JOB1 is scheduled to run from Monday to Saturday

Consider a situation where the Job started on Monday could not complete and which continued running to the next day

At the time of Tuesday’s Rollover, the Scheduling Engine finds that an instance of this job is already in a running state

Hence the Scheduling Engine would not consider JOB1 for Rollover on Tuesday, if the option ‘Only one job instance being executed at any time‘ in the ‘Job Advanced‘ screen is checked

If the JOB1 gets completed running before the next Rollover time which is on Wednesday, the Scheduling Engine will include the Job in Wednesday’s Rollover