KBI 311005 Argent Defender Service Does Not Run Recorded Scripts With Fresh Installation


Argent Defender all versions


Friday, 11 July 2014


After fresh installation, Argent Defender service cannot run recorded scripts

All TESTs are time-out and cancelled

This is caused by IE security setting that prompts enabling/disabling IE add-on when first run

When service launches IE web session, the IE process is stuck at the prompt

To address the issue, customer should logon to the Main Engine or Trusted Agent, where IE is stuck

Make sure he logon using the service account

Start the IE, and enable the Argent Defender Recorder and Argent Defender Script Player

Technical Background

Argent Defender uses BHO (Browser Helper Object) to implement Recorder And Script Player

BHO can be individually enabled or disabled

Depending on IE security setting, it may be prompted when used first time