KBI 311310 No Monitoring Task Runs On Fresh Windows 2012 Server With Message Monitoring Engine Process Terminated Unexpectedly


Argent Advanced Technology All Versions


Friday, 13 November 2015


When running Argent AT on fresh Windows 2012, monitoring tasks are scheduled correctly, but not executed at all

Message ‘Monitoring engine process terminated unexpectedly’ can be found in Relator Trace Log

The issue is caused by missing feature of .NET Framework 2.0 in fresh Windows 2012 server including R2

When customer installs Argent AT, he selects to ignore the following message:

Technical Background

Windows 2012 server including R2 installs .NET Framework 4.5 features by default

Argent AT is compiled with VC++ 2005

Argent AT Monitoring Engine is implemented with C++/CLI, which is hard linked with .NET Framework 2.0

When .NET Framework 2.0 is missing, the Monitoring Engine process fails to start


To correct the issue, install .NET Framework 3.5 features

After installation, restart Argent AT services