KBI 311620 Monitoring IIS Application Pool Status Using Application Pool Availability Rules In Argent Sentry Ultra


Argent Sentry Ultra – All versions


Thursday, 15 February 2018


Argent Sentry Ultra can monitor Websites, Internet Email, FTP Servers, IIS Webservers and Apache Webservers

It is required to specify what is to be monitored and the type of server or device when adding to CMDB-X and at the time of licensing

Technical Background

To monitor IIS Webservers and execute ‘Application Pool Availability Rules’ in Argent Sentry Ultra, the server should be added to CMDB-X as Windows 20XX type as shown in the figure below

Also it is required to specify whether the licensed server contains an IIS Webserver, an Apache Webserver or both

To monitor IIS Webserver in the server WIN_PROD43A, the property ‘Monitor IIS Webserver’ (marked in red) should be set as ‘True’