KBI 311706 Issue Accessing WMI Name Space On Windows Systems


Argent Advanced Technology – All Versions


Thursday, 13 September 2018


A windows system may fail to allow access to the WMI name space, even when the connecting account is a member of the local administrator group

This affects any Rule that relies on WMI

When running connectivity test from the License Manager, a “NOT ACCESSIBLE” error is returned

This will occur even when the target machine’s firewall is disabled

Technical Background

  1. This occurs mostly on non-domain systems where alternate credentials are used to connect to the server
  2. Somehow permission fails to propagate correctly to the WMI providers
  3. A general reason for the above issue occurs when a server that once belonged to a domain gets disjoined from the domain, and has to be monitored using a newly added local administrator account


  1. Logon to the target server using the local administrator account
  2. Launch the “Computer Management” snap in – Easily found by right clicking on the start menu

  3. Expand the “Services and Application” menu and right click on “WMI Control” and click on “Properties”
  4. Click on the “Security” tab, and finally “Security” button (make sure the Root is highlighted)
  5. Click on “Advanced” button to populate the advanced security option
  6. Add the desired local administrator account that failed to connect to the WMI name space and verify that “Allow” access applies to both the name space and sub name spaces
  7. Check all the permissions and click “OK”
  8. Going back to Argent Engine, and testing connectivity again, it should now be [VALID]
  9. Please review https://help.argent.com/#KBI_310557 for Service Control Manager permission issues (monitoring of service status)