KBI 311710 Use Enterprise Application View In Argent AT To Alert When Rules Fail In More Than Three Out Of Six Servers


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Wednesday, 19 September 2018


Enterprise Application View in Argent Advanced Technology has high levels of usability

It is not just another dashboard for viewing status of monitored devices but can be used for alerting that involves complex scenarios

Consider the situation where a User needs to monitor a windows process (part of a business application) running on 6 servers

The process needs to be running on at least three servers to consider that application is up and running

Hence, the monitoring has to be done on all six servers but needs to be alerted only if the process is not running in more three servers

Of course, a complex PowerShell script can be used in Argent Guardian Ultra to accomplish the above requirement; but it can also be achieved by using Enterprise Application Views and involves less complexity

Technical Background

Follow the steps below to use Enterprise Application view to alert when a monitored process goes down in three out of the six servers being monitored

  • Create a Relator with a proper Rule and all the six servers in the Monitoring Group

    Let the event priority be LOW

  • Create a Map (image file) with representation of all the six servers
  • Create a new Enterprise Application View using the Map
  • For each server, specify the Rule used in the Relator and set % Global health as 30

  • Set the Algorithm as ‘Weighted Health Calculation’ and set threshold for Health % as 73 and configure the Alert to fire

  • Note:

    As the events are of LOW priority and the Global Health % is set as 30, Event on each server decreases the Global Health of the EAV by 9% (.3*30)

    When Rule is broken for three servers, the Global Health should be reduced by 27% (3*9) to make 73%

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  • The Events tab in Enterprise Application View looks similar when the Global Health deteriorates below the set threshold value and clearly explains on which all servers were the process not running

  • The email alert also has the details of the servers on which the process is not running