KBI 311711 Global Health Calculations Of Enterprise Application Views


Argent Advanced Technology – All Versions


Wednesday, 19 September 2018


This document discusses how Argent Advanced Technology calculates the Global Health of Enterprise Application Views

Technical Background

Enterprise Application Views (EAV) look at Alerts in the AAC_CONSOLE table that matches the specified Rule names for a specified set of Nodes and ultimately calculate a “Global Health” of the EAV

Each “dot” on an EAV can either be a node or another EAV, known as an ’embedded EAV’

Each “dot” has the following properties:

  • Component Name:     Arbitrary text
  • Node Type:                Node or Embedded EAV
  • Server/Device:            Node Name or EAV name
  • Application:               Arbitrary text
  • Global Health %:        Percentage of Global Health to reduce if a matching Rule is bound for the given Node
  • Rules That Are Used To Monitor This Component:     A list of product-specific Rules to match

By default, the Health percentage is then weighted based on the priority of the Alert (Low, Medium, High)

In fact, the priority of the Alert plays the most important role in the status and calculation of each “dot”

All information on EAVs is stored as XML data in {Drive:}\Argent\ArgentConsole\ARGENT_ENTERPRISE_APPLICATIONS.XML

After all calculations of Global Health of each dot is made, each dot is assigned the following:

  • Status label     (Normal, Degraded, Failed, Suspended)
  • Color                (Green, Yellow, Red, Blue)
  • % Health Reduction     

EAV Algorithms

Each EAV can have a different algorithm, which affects the calculations, color and status of a dot

  • Weighted Health Calculation

    This is the default; simply applies a weighted calculation and reduction of Global Health for each dot

  • One Down All Down

    If ANY dot exists that has matching unanswered Alerts, the Total Global Health is set to ZERO

  • One Up All Up

    If ANY dot exists that has NO matching Alerts, the Total Global Health will always display 100%


In the Argent Advanced Technology GUI, each dot also has a “status label”:

  • Normal:         The count of dots that had no matching unanswered Alerts
  • Degraded:     The count of dots that had matching unanswered Alerts with medium or low priority
  • Failed:           The count of dots that had matching unanswered Alerts with high priority
  • Suspended:    The count of dots for nodes that are in ‘Suspend’ mode

How Total Global Health Is Calculated

This section applies to the ‘Weighted Health Algorithm’ only, as the other two algorithms are trivial

First we start at 100% Global Health

Next, for each “dot”:

  • Find the highest priority (Low, Medium, High) unanswered Alert with a Rule matching any of the specified Rules in the dot
  • If found, multiply the ‘Global Health Percentage’ specified in the dot by a weighting scheme
    Multiplier           Status Label           Color
      None Found
    __            Normal GREEN
      Low (0)
    0.3            Degraded YELLOW
      Medium (1)
    0.5            Degraded ORANGE
      High (2)
    1.0            Failed RED

    For example, if the Global Health % of a dot was set to 20%, then if the highest priority was “Low”, the actual Global Health reduced is 20 x 0.3 = 6%

    If the highest priority was “Medium”, the Global Health reduced would be 20 x 0.5 = 10%

    20% would only be reduced if the priority of the alert was ‘High’

  • Deduct the calculated Health % of the dot from the current Total Global Health %

    This is located in the ArgentConsole registry – by default it is set to ‘1’

    If set to ‘0’, this simply means that ANY Alert, regardless of priority, is weighted at a multiplier of 1, which means if the Global Health % of the dot was 20%, it would always deduct 20% if a matching unanswered Alert is found, even if it was ‘Low’ priority

    When this occurs, the status of the dot is also labeled as ‘Failed’ instead of ‘Degraded’

    Embedded EAVs

    For embedded EAVs, the Total Global Health of the embedded EAV needs to be calculated first; the result of the Total Global Health of the EAV is then used to determine the Global Health reduction on the embedded EAV dot, the status, and the color:

    The Global Health reduction of an embedded EAV dot is:

    ((100 – Total Global Health) / 100) * Global Health of Dot

    For example, if the embedded EAV was set to a Global Health of 50%, and if the embedded EAV itself had a Total Global Health of 40%, then the weighted reduction in Global Health would be:

    (100 – 40)/100 x 50 = 30% Global health reduction

    The color and status for embedded EAVs is as follows:

      Total Global Health
    Color           Status Label
    GREEN            Normal
      50% to 99.99%
    YELLOW            Degraded
      < 50%
    RED            Failed

    Suspended Nodes

    Suspended Nodes are found by querying the SUSPEND_FLAG in ARGSOFT_AT_NODE – if found, the dot is colored BLUE and the status is ‘Suspended’

    Suspended Nodes are excluded from the Global Health % calculation