KBI 311869 Argent Job Scheduler Error: This Argent Queue Engine is unreachable on J10A Screen General Info), When Trying To Connect To Newly Installed Argent Queue Engine


Argent Queue Engine 1902 and above


Friday, 25 September 2020


Argent Job Scheduler error “This Argent Queue Engine is unreachable” on J10A Screen (General Info), when trying to connect to Newly Installed Argent Queue Engine

Technical Background

Argent Queue Engine uses port 3135 to communicate with Argent Job Scheduler, which must be open

Error message of “Queue Engine Service is down or Argent Port is blocked by firewall at server” is displayed on Argent Job Scheduler GUI


Update Windows Firewall, or other third party firewall software, to allow inbound port 3135

  1. Open Windows Defender Firewall on Argent Queue Engine server
  2. Advance Settings
  3. Inbound Rules
  4. New Rule
  5. Select Port
  6. Select TCP
  7. Select Specific local ports
  8. Enter 3135
  9. Select Allow the Connection
  10. Select Domain, Private and Public
  11. Enter Name and Description
  12. Recycle Argent Job Scheduler GUI (not service)
  13. From Argent Job Scheduler GUI
  14. Select Servers Where Jobs Run
  15. Select Windows
  16. Select name of Argent Queue Engine