KBI 312048 Issue Addressed: ‘Used In Which Relators?’ Option Inside The Rule Showing Invalid Result


Argent Global Manager 5.1A-R20 and below


Thursday, 6 April 2023


In Argent Global manager ‘Used In Which Relators?’ option inside the Rule showing invalid result

Technical Background

1. Created a copy of a Rule ‘SLA_TCTIP_PING’ and named as ‘SLA_TCTIP_PING_COPY’

2. In Relator ‘REL_A’ added the Rule ‘SLA_TCTIP_PING’

3. In Relator ‘REL_B’ added the Rule ‘SLA_TCTIP_PING_COPY’

4. But when using the ‘Used In Which Relator’ option in Rule ‘SLA_TCTIP_PING’, both ‘REL_A’ and ‘REL_B’ are listing, even though the Rule ‘SLA_TCTIP_PING’ is not used in ‘REL_B’

This was a coding error and has now been addressed.


Upgrade to Argent Global Manager 5.1A-R21 or above