How Do I Install The ASP Handler On IIS 7 Windows 2008)?

IIS 7 is the default version of IIS on W2008 machines. There are significant differences in IIS 7 and previous versions of IIS.

By default, IIS 7 does NOT support the execution of ASP files.

Certain Argent products, such as Argent Commander, use ASP technology.

To ensure your ASP files can be executed, you need to install the “ASP Handler“.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Control Panel

2. Open Programs And Features

3. Click Turn Windows features on or off

4. Select Web Server (IIS) under Roles.

5. Select ASP from the Role Services list.

6. Click on Add Role Services.

7. Check the checkbox ASP under Application Development.

8. Click Next button.

9. Click Install button.

10. Click Close button.

11. Server Manager window gets updated with the status of ASP in Roles Service list.