Optimizing SSH

Argent Guardian includes the ability to do secure UNIX/Linux monitoring using the Secure Shell protocol.

By default, SSH monitoring is a four-stage operation, which is fine for most implementations. However if you are monitoring several hundred UNIX\Linux servers, or simply want to reduce the number of required SSH connections from the Argent server, you will need to update the ‘UNIXSSH.INI’ file.

The ‘UNIXSSH.INI’ file is found in the following directory on the Argent Guardian server:


Contents of default ‘UNIXSSH.INI’:

Simply replace the existing file with the optimized file linked below. The optimized file reduces the number of required connections by combining lines two, three, and four into a single execution of PLINK.

Contents of optimized ‘UNIXSSH.INI’:

Download The Optimized UNIXSSH.INI Here