How Do I Set User Permissions For Argent Web Products?

Specific permissions can be set for Argent Ninja and Argent Business Manager to enhance security.

The installed folder can be set to allow or deny users or groups. Only those with permission can login to Argent Ninja and Argent Business Manager. When a user browses the Argent Ninja URL, a login screen appears:

On successful login, the Argent Ninja home page is displayed.

When a user without permission attempts to login, the Access Denied screen is displayed on the third consecutive failed attempt in Internet Explorer.

To set the folder permissions:

  • Go to the installed folder (By default C:\Argent\Web).
  • Right click Ninja and select Properties.
  • Select the Security tab.
  • Add a user or a group by clicking the Add button.
  • Set the desired permissions for the user/group.
  • Note: When a folder is created, it inherits the permissions of its parent folder by default. To remove these inherited permissions, click on the Advanced button and uncheck the two check boxes under the Permissions tab of the new window.
  • Additional Notes:

    If a user belongs to two user groups, and one group is set to ‘Deny’, while another is set to ‘Allow’ — the ‘Deny’ will always override the ‘Allow’.

    For Argent Ninja and Argent Business Manager to work properly, the following local account MUST be set to ‘Allow‘:


    If Windows 2000 and XP (IIS 5.0)

    NETWORK SERVICE If Windows 2003 and above (IIS 6.0 and above)