How Do I Setup Reporting For Enterprise Application Views?

Argent Enterprise Application Reporting

To perform any reporting on these Views – within the configuration of them we must check the ‘Save Global Health to The Argent Predictor’ as shown below…

Enable Enterprise Application Reporting

Go to C:\Argent\ArgentManagementConsole\ArgentAlertConsole

Look for this line of code in the aac_reports.xml file….

<Level_1 name=”Customer Generated Reports”

Insert the following code before the line above….

<Level_2 name=”Enterprise Application View” folder=”report” category=”_” color=”blue”>


Then, when you restart the Argent Console, you will see the new blue folder called “Enterprise Application View”, and you can right click, add new, and choose the Health report for Enterprise Application views.

You will now have access to a report template

You will need to add “Production Days”, in the parameters, like “M, T, W, Th, F” as shown.

Run this report to show health of chosen Enterprise Application.