How Do I Add SMS?

Short Message Service (SMS) is a global service that sends alphanumeric messages between mobile subscribers and external systems such as email, pagers, and voice-mail systems.

A distinguishing characteristic of SMS is that an active mobile handset is able to receive or send an SMS message at any time; independent of whether a voice or data call is in progress.

SMS is fast, low cost, accurate, and confidential.

SMS also guarantees delivery of the short message by the network. Temporary failures due to unavailable receiving stations are identified, and the SMS message is stored in the SMSC until the destination device becomes available again.

SMS provides a mechanism for transmitting messages to and from wireless devices.

As you’d expect, Argent supports all of these methods for the firing of SMS Alerts.

SMS Alerts

SMS Alerts are used in a similar way to Pager Alerts, and are extremely useful for alerting roving or out-of-hours technical support staff, or those on vacation or holidays (yeah, that’s a really good idea…)

What you need to send SMS Alerts is a standard serial modem or GSM modem. Argent does the rest.

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