KBI 311092 High CPU And/Or Skipped Tasks In Argent Main Engines


Argent Advanced Technology – All versions


Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014


Environments with a large percentage of remote servers being monitored may experience high CPU utilization and a lot of skipped messages in Argent Main Engine trace logs which degrades performance tremendously

Technical Background

Argent performance monitoring utilizes the standard Microsoft PDH (Performance Data Helper) to monitor performance objects

However, when a server is located in a distant location (more than 6 hops down), it may take up to 10 minutes to successfully extract performance data objects

This in turn clogs the “Shared Monitoring Engine Process” if that’s the mode of monitoring selected on the Relator

This in turns generates high CPU utilization and tasks to be skipped


The best solution is to create Daughter Engine(s) or Trusted Agent(s)

If this is not possible, then divide the Monitoring Group into two – one Monitoring Group for the remote servers and one Monitoring Group for the local servers

The Relator monitoring performance objects on local servers can continue to utilize the “Shared Monitor Engine Process In Pool” option

The Relator for Remote servers should have “Spawn New Monitor Engine Process” option

Please review performance troubleshooting KBI: